Silangang Nayon has been established as a park and restaurant in the little town of Bantigue, Pagbilao, Quezon. The Pardillas envisioned it for families who want a place to spend their time together, and have a weekend getaway from their busy life. Its cozy environment and nature ambiance is well suited to have great conversations and place for relaxation while enjoying the quality and freshly cooked Filipino-Chinese dishes.

It was in the late 2002 when Johnson Pardilla, decided to purchase a lot in Bantigue. He saw the potential of the land, even only with 3 types of trees on it —Talisan, Bamboo and Buli plus some schrubs. The construction of the place started in the late November of 2002.

When they opened during the holy week of 2003, they started with just 10 bamboo cottages, a house-type kitchen and 7 employees -a cook, cutter, dishwasher, janitor, cashier and two servers. The rest of the position were filled in by family members.

The place was blessed on a Saturday, some family came on Sunday for support and finally started operating on a Monday, that same week. They had zero customer on the first day. Some of the family members got worried but they opened the next day anyway. They were hoping for some customers to come that Tuesday but to their surprise, a lot more came the next day and the business continued. Even the children of the Pardilla clan were helping out in taking orders, serving the customers, and washing the dishes. Customers felt more welcome with the family that were accommodating them and good reviews were received.

In 2006, the family decided to construct a hotel to serve the customers who want to stop over, take a breather, and have a nice meal together. Most of them were traveller from Manila to Bicol.

However, it was also in the same year when typhoon Milenyo crossed the Region IV, and Typhoon Frank hit in 2008. They damaged the most parts of the restaurant and hotel rooms. The restaurant was almost flat and back to zero. Ceilings and roof were off, the cottages were severely damaged and the kitchen was affected too. But the Pardillas were not stopped and even pushed to be better. They started restoring the cottages but made them more resilient, the hotel was rebuilt and they even added more rooms. Different types of trees were planted —Narra, Mahogany, Acacia and other fruit bearing trees.

After 15 years of being in the business, we are proud to say that Silangang Nayon Park and Restaurant now has 21 cottages, 20 hotel rooms and 4 halls. They accommodate weddings, birthdays, proposals, family gatherings, reunions, pre-nuptials, and other events. They also offer different activities and packages for kayaking and island hopping. Their dolphin-shaped pool is accessible for just P250 for 13 years old and above, and P200 for 4 to 12 years old. They have a wider variety of Filipino-Chinese dishes to choose from. Aside from the very fresh and scrumptious seafood that they serve, some of their best sellers include: Grilled Liempo, Grilled Spareribs, Grilled Squid, Spareribs Honey Garlic, and Calamari. Most of their employees who started the business with them are still in the restaurant. For the owners, they are like family.

In Silangang Nayon Park and Restaurant, The Pardillas will share with you not only the food but the experience of being a beloved guest in their vacation place.